We effectively use innovative technical concepts/ideas and marketing skills to give cutting edge to all our clients’ needs. Our range of services includes:

Corporate events
Whether you want to motivate, entertain or innovate, our events offer outstanding outcomes to take your organization forward. Destiny is an event experts and our specialty is offering a truly personalized service that combines fun with perfect planning. We do all kinds of corporate events like Get Together, Annual functions/Meets to encourage customers, dealers as well as the staff of that particular corporate.

Seminars and conferences
We have provided the highest quality conference and seminar experiences at both public and in-house events. Our events provide ample of opportunities for one-to-one discussion. We also organize Press Conference for new launching of product & announcements through ATL & BTL activities.

Brand Promotions
We have expertise in promoting brands. We create individual feel, style and personality, our vast knowledge experience helps in creating results which connects to the target audience and makes them easily understand and associate them with the brand.

Live Concert/ Celebrity Events
We organize live concerts on occasions like Holi, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year etc. Previously we have associate as well arranged many live concerts like Grand Finale of Lil’ Champs, Celebrity shows, Movie promotions, Navratri Garba Fest, Live Rock Band Performances, etc.

Road shows
We believe that Road Shows should be economical & provides more visibility of product and helps the customer to directly relate to the product. We organize road shows with many innovative themes which gives high reach and coverage to product.

Though exhibitions are common events, the concept of an exhibition is quite wide and encompasses many variables. It is a trade / business promotion organization that creates opportunities for investments, joint ventures and technology transfers to get an exposure in the market.

Marriage & Birthday Parties
We have expert team to arrange Marriage Function & Birthday Parties. We take care of everything from venue, catering, decoration, invitations, video & photography, orchestras, celebrities etc.

Fashion shows
We deal in fashion shows too, we create a platform which displays the Brands Collection, which effectively helps to achieve the desired results. We understand that various parameters like sounds, lights, sequences should be well choreographed, venue should be well chosen, we create right aura for the event.

Theme parties
We serve our clients according to their needs, we develop new concepts for organizing events and make them successful. We also provide great quality theme decor to create themes like Arabian nights, Jungle theme, Paradise theme, Egyptian theme, Halloween party, Pirate theme, Hollywood theme, Bollywood theme and many more.